HTML5 Video Player Beta Starts

HTML5 Video Player Beta Starts

Twitch has today announced the start of its HTML5 Video Player Beta development stage allowing the Twitch community to use the new Twitch HTML5 player and help weed out any issues this may still be lingering within the code.

Twitch has created the new HTML 5 player to provide a smoother experience for users and is now available for Twitch Turbo subscribers to test out. Features of the new Twitch HTML5 video player include :

– Faster loading — we expect streams to start faster, letting you join streams more quickly!

– More consistent video — when your favorite streamers broadcast in 30 or 60 frames per second (fps), many users will see a noticeable improvement in video stability.

– Fewer Interruptions — HTML5 is known for going easy on your CPU. With extended battery life and less overheating, you can keep watching and chatting during those marathon streaming sessions.

Starting today, the HTML5 Player Beta will open to Twitch Turbo subscribers so we can begin to collect feedback on the new player. We plan to steadily expand beta access to more users toward the end of the summer based on the data we gather in this initial test. If you are randomly selected to be part of the beta test, you will see an alert on the video player letting you know that you can click the gear icon to turn on HTML5.

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